SelfMade Fashion

Hello, my name is Royalty and its my pleasure to present to you my new fashion line called SelfMade Fashion. I am introducing a new blue lean suit that is classy and comes in many different colors.

SelfMade Fashion is a form of therapy that could bring a degree of confidence to an individual. This Blue Jean Suite is ready for weddings, dinner dates or a simple night. No matter the occasion this suite will turn heads as people view such class.





Here is our designed laced with true swagger that could transform anyone into a force of attraction!


We also have different styles for the SelfMade Fashion each suite is priced at $350 and we are in the process of releasing other options soon. However this is a steal for this format of class.




We welcome your commits!

We have a host of classy designs that we know would find your interest and look forward to working with you at SelfMade Fashion!


Please fill out the form below with any questions that you might have and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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